Tuesday, February 2, 2010



“Come on, hurry up!”

I winced slightly as the burly man gave me a threatening look and I nodded jerkily. As I ran to the bar, I kept saying over and over in my head, ‘This was a stupid idea, a stupid idea.’

It was. It was a terrible idea. But no, stopped my thoughts short. I had to do this. Mom couldn’t make enough and it had always been us two and we had always been there for each other and I needed to help out. She was going through a tough time, so I would help. Even if it meant working at a grungy bar in the downtown area and getting yelled at by sweaty men and having to wear slutty clothes.

Things could be worse. I chanted to myself. I hadn’t been raped. I hadn’t been hit. I hadn’t actually been hurt- well, physically anyways. Verbally perhaps. Sure, I’d been groped a few times, but I could handle that. I just wanted to make sure I helped mom out as much as possible. She just needed to get on her feet again and then I could find a better… more appropriate job.

Being seventeen, I’d had to lie to get to work here, but I’d managed to pull it off. I quickly made the man’s order and rushed back to his table. A tall fire-red haired bimbo had joined him now and he was whispering stuff in her ear while gripping her waist in a manner I knew couldn’t be pleasant for her, though she was giggling slightly. He didn’t even notice me and I slunk away as fast as I could.

I made a few more rounds with no incidents, but it was near one in the morning when I got an order mixed up. And of all people, it was of the guy that always sat in the back of the bar. He was always making suggestive comments and stuff to me, trying to cop a feel; to which I nervously had managed to get out of every time thus far. This time I wasn’t so lucky.

I had managed to get only bout two feet away when he managed to get a hold on my waist and pull me back. “Not so fast.” He jerked his head towards the drink I’d placed on the counter, not having noticed my mistake. “That’s not what I ordered.”

“S-sorry.” I stuttered, trying not to cringe at his breath. “I’ll… get you another. And a free one for my mistake.” I hoped I wouldn’t get in trouble for not consulting Ben, the owner of the bar, before making the promise. If anything, I’d tell him to take it off my bill. I’d rather lose a little money and work extra hours then have this guy’s sticky breath on my face any longer.

He shook his head, smirking, “Nu-uh. I’d rather have something else.” He leaned his head closer. I could practically see his tongue sticking out, ready to attack my mouth. I couldn’t hold the shutter.

I struggled, “Two drinks.”

He paused and gave a hard look, “It’s no nigotiation.”

I continued to wrestle helplessly in his grip with no avail and he started leaning closer. Oh god. “Please-“

And he stopped. Because a deep dangerous voice came from behind me, “She said no.”

Upon seeing who had spoken, the man let go of me instantly. His eyes were wide for about a second before he grumbled, turning away, “Fine. Just get me my goddamn drink.”

I nodded clumsily and turned, stumbling. Someone caught my arm and I swear, I was ready to cry. Instead I looked up and met soft eyes, looking at me worriedly, “You okay?” It was the man that had stopped the other guy.

I gasped. “Thank you.”

He let go of my arm, “You look young.”

I swallowed, “I’m eighteen.”

He eyed me then nodded and turned away, “Be careful.” And then he was gone, lost in the crowd.

I got Amanda, another waitress, to send the drink to the guy in the back.