Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chapter 1


My shift ended at three-thirty but I stuck around the back until four. Saturdays the bar was open until four-thirty for obvious reasons. I hoped it would be quieter if I left later, so I stuck around and cleaned the backroom uselessly.

Once I’d changed into my normal clothes- jeans and a beige pullover- and had stuffed my work clothes into my tiny locker, I walked out the back entrance. Only it was locked.

I huffed and slumped against it. What the hell was I going to do now? There were only two more exits. One, totally out of the question, was the main entrance out front. The other, which I deemed my only choice left, was the entrance through the billiard lounge. It led through to the side of the building. It would have to do.

The room held all the VIPs. You had to apply specifically to work in that area. I knew the pay was better there and had secretly had hoped for a while that if I worked hard enough I’d get on the list of people that Ben would even consider.

There were pool tables there and even a few slot machines and poker tables. I was allowed to use that entrance though. I quietly made my way through the halls until I reached the heavy double doors that lead into the lounge.

Heavy smoke hit me as soon as I entered. I waved my hand in front of me, trying to dissipate some so I could see. A dim blue light lit the place. Couches were set in clusters and the pool tables were off to the side and the card tables in the centre.

I turned to move, only to immediately smack into a hard chest. I looked up, startled and a little scared.

It was him. The guy that had gotten me out of the mess with Grope Man.

He smirked down at me, “You’re rather clumsy to be a waitress.”

I bit my lip, “Sorry.”

I was about to move past him but he caught my arm- sending a zing of electricity up it. Hey, it wasn’t like I hadn’t noticed how positively gorgeous the guy was, after all.

Dark tousled, hair, sweeping into dark grey eyes; with that tan complexion and lean, muscular physic, he was definitely drool-worthy. He couldn’t have been more then twenty-two.

However, I was still scared.

He seemed to notice, because he let go of my arm. I didn’t move but he took a step back.

“You need help?” He asked.

I shook my head.

He eyed me, “You sure?”

I nodded.

He sighed, running a hand through the very soft looking hair. “All right.” He stepped aside and I scurried on, squeaking a little, “Thank you.”

Was it just me, or was I starting to seem more and more like a mouse?

The next day I woke late. I only managed to shove down a small toast and a coffee, and start a laundry before I had to head out for work at six. My shift was until eleven tonight. Mom was working but had taken Jeremy to the daycare so it was okay. I was a little sad I hadn’t gotten a chance to see him though.

After I’d changed into the skimpy outfit ensemble of mini leather skirt and tight red halter top that we were forced to wear, I headed out. I’d taken already a whole bunch of orders when he walked in. I turned away and hoped desperately Ben, who was serving drinks at the bar tonight, wouldn’t notice I had no order at the moment and assign me to him. Not my lucky night.

“Klara, go get Jace’s order.” He jerked his head towards… him.

I nodded dully, not looking to disobey my boss. I grabbed a tray and walked over to his table.

“We meet again.” He grinned; an amused light in his eyes.

I mumbled, “What can I get you?”

“Call me Jace. And a whisky.”

I nodded and was about to turn away when, just like every other time, he stopped me.

“You didn’t tell me your name.”

I swallowed, “Klara. My name is Klara; it’s Klara.” God, could I sound any more pathetic?

He chuckled, “Well Klara, don’t be so nervous around me.”

I nodded and left to get his drink. He was occupied with a girl that looked suspiciously like the red-head from the other night when I got back so I slipped away easily.