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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chapter 2

As I stepped through the creaky threshold of my house, I noted all was quiet. Mom must have put Jeremy to sleep already. Seemed fit, seeing as it was almost midnight.

I crept upstairs and went into Jeremy’s room. He was fast asleep in his bed. Or so I thought. His big blue eyes, like mine exactly, opened when I stood over his bed. He smiled up at me and my heart melted.

“Hey baby.” I whispered, picking him up when he reached out his little arms to me. “Mommy missed you today.” I kissed his round little baby cheek.

“You too, momma.” He said in his tiny voice.

I sighed, and let one little tear fall. Thank god he couldn’t see it through the darkness.

I noticed Jace a lot after meeting him. Everyone else seemed to know him so I guessed that he’d been around before a lot, and I just hadn’t seen him personally.

I think that he started requesting me to be the specific waitress to wait on him. This both confused me, and made me nervous. I wasn’t looking for trouble, and I had no clue what he wanted from me.

However, he never did anything like make suggestive comments, try to feel me up, or anything of the sort. Though I did see his eyes wander more then once. I tried saying as little as possible to him, as with every other client, but he seemed persistent on getting me to talk to him. At one point I asked Ben if it was necessary that I be the one to wait him. I didn’t tell him my reasons, but I don’t think it would have mattered anyways because Ben looked at me sternly and said, “Treat Jace well. And he requested you. I’m not about to refuse him.”

I wondered what all the fuss was about but I sure as hell wasn’t about to contradict HIM.

The next Sunday, I was just finishing off some orders before getting off my shift when Ben told me to go to help out in the billiard room before finishing up. This both startled me, and then thrilled me. Did this mean a promotion? Just a one-time thing? Could I use it as an opportunity to show Ben that I was capable of stepping it up the notch? I hoped so and I intended to prove myself.

Only Jace made this very hard.

I was very upset that he was practically the only one there I was able to serve because he kept requesting stuff- all from me. I tried not to show my irritation but I was positive this couldn’t look good on my prospects to start working in the lounge full time. It definitely didn’t look good towards making friends with the waitresses in this area- not that I cared all that much. I kept getting dirty looks however, and snotty glares. I ignored them. But inside I hoped that Jace would stop. The guy was hot (holy fuck yes) but I didn’t want to be losing my job over this.

Ben didn’t seem bothered in the least. This puzzled me. In fact, he let me keep more tips then usual when I was finished for the night. He seemed pleased with me. Immensely.

I went home confused but also extremely delighted at being able to bring home as much as I did that night.

Mom was also extremely happy when I showed her but I could tell, something in her eyes, that it made her sad. Perhaps that it was her daughter bringing in more these days? I didn’t know but honestly, I had my son to make sure lived as good a life as I could possibly give and this was no time to be picky. We had to keep strong.

At home I had some time to spend with Jeremy when I got home from my second evening working in the lounge rather then the bar. I couldn’t deny it was the only thing that made my day, but at the same time I hoped he wasn’t waiting up for me every night. It broke my heart because I did know this was the case. I fell asleep with him wrapped in my arms.

“Klara?” I jumped slightly and looked back. I’d been locking up my beat up old blue car in the parking lot outside the bar. The low husky voice I’d come to recognized had startled me.

“Oh Jace- hi.” I finished locking up and turned, eyeing him. “You’re stalking me now?” I didn’t have to be completely civilized to him outside the club, right?

He gave a lopsided smile that looked annoyingly sexy on him. “No no.”

I looked at him wearily but then just moved past him. He followed.

“How old are you?”

It caught me off guard but I responded automatically, “How old are you?

He chuckled, “Twenty.”

I looked away. “And you?” He prodded.

“Am old enough.” Was all I granted him.

He quirked a brow, “You’re not giving me a straight answer.” He smirked, “Could look suspicious you know.”

I actually rolled my eyes. We were nearing the entrance now, “Look, leave it alone. I’m eighteen. Goddamn it why are you bothering me about my freaking age?”

He shrugged nonchalantly, “It’s important.”

I glared, “Why?”
He looked at me a moment, through a sidelong glance, then said, “I have a lot of influence.”

And he walked away this time.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chapter 1


My shift ended at three-thirty but I stuck around the back until four. Saturdays the bar was open until four-thirty for obvious reasons. I hoped it would be quieter if I left later, so I stuck around and cleaned the backroom uselessly.

Once I’d changed into my normal clothes- jeans and a beige pullover- and had stuffed my work clothes into my tiny locker, I walked out the back entrance. Only it was locked.

I huffed and slumped against it. What the hell was I going to do now? There were only two more exits. One, totally out of the question, was the main entrance out front. The other, which I deemed my only choice left, was the entrance through the billiard lounge. It led through to the side of the building. It would have to do.

The room held all the VIPs. You had to apply specifically to work in that area. I knew the pay was better there and had secretly had hoped for a while that if I worked hard enough I’d get on the list of people that Ben would even consider.

There were pool tables there and even a few slot machines and poker tables. I was allowed to use that entrance though. I quietly made my way through the halls until I reached the heavy double doors that lead into the lounge.

Heavy smoke hit me as soon as I entered. I waved my hand in front of me, trying to dissipate some so I could see. A dim blue light lit the place. Couches were set in clusters and the pool tables were off to the side and the card tables in the centre.

I turned to move, only to immediately smack into a hard chest. I looked up, startled and a little scared.

It was him. The guy that had gotten me out of the mess with Grope Man.

He smirked down at me, “You’re rather clumsy to be a waitress.”

I bit my lip, “Sorry.”

I was about to move past him but he caught my arm- sending a zing of electricity up it. Hey, it wasn’t like I hadn’t noticed how positively gorgeous the guy was, after all.

Dark tousled, hair, sweeping into dark grey eyes; with that tan complexion and lean, muscular physic, he was definitely drool-worthy. He couldn’t have been more then twenty-two.

However, I was still scared.

He seemed to notice, because he let go of my arm. I didn’t move but he took a step back.

“You need help?” He asked.

I shook my head.

He eyed me, “You sure?”

I nodded.

He sighed, running a hand through the very soft looking hair. “All right.” He stepped aside and I scurried on, squeaking a little, “Thank you.”

Was it just me, or was I starting to seem more and more like a mouse?

The next day I woke late. I only managed to shove down a small toast and a coffee, and start a laundry before I had to head out for work at six. My shift was until eleven tonight. Mom was working but had taken Jeremy to the daycare so it was okay. I was a little sad I hadn’t gotten a chance to see him though.

After I’d changed into the skimpy outfit ensemble of mini leather skirt and tight red halter top that we were forced to wear, I headed out. I’d taken already a whole bunch of orders when he walked in. I turned away and hoped desperately Ben, who was serving drinks at the bar tonight, wouldn’t notice I had no order at the moment and assign me to him. Not my lucky night.

“Klara, go get Jace’s order.” He jerked his head towards… him.

I nodded dully, not looking to disobey my boss. I grabbed a tray and walked over to his table.

“We meet again.” He grinned; an amused light in his eyes.

I mumbled, “What can I get you?”

“Call me Jace. And a whisky.”

I nodded and was about to turn away when, just like every other time, he stopped me.

“You didn’t tell me your name.”

I swallowed, “Klara. My name is Klara; it’s Klara.” God, could I sound any more pathetic?

He chuckled, “Well Klara, don’t be so nervous around me.”

I nodded and left to get his drink. He was occupied with a girl that looked suspiciously like the red-head from the other night when I got back so I slipped away easily.



“Come on, hurry up!”

I winced slightly as the burly man gave me a threatening look and I nodded jerkily. As I ran to the bar, I kept saying over and over in my head, ‘This was a stupid idea, a stupid idea.’

It was. It was a terrible idea. But no, stopped my thoughts short. I had to do this. Mom couldn’t make enough and it had always been us two and we had always been there for each other and I needed to help out. She was going through a tough time, so I would help. Even if it meant working at a grungy bar in the downtown area and getting yelled at by sweaty men and having to wear slutty clothes.

Things could be worse. I chanted to myself. I hadn’t been raped. I hadn’t been hit. I hadn’t actually been hurt- well, physically anyways. Verbally perhaps. Sure, I’d been groped a few times, but I could handle that. I just wanted to make sure I helped mom out as much as possible. She just needed to get on her feet again and then I could find a better… more appropriate job.

Being seventeen, I’d had to lie to get to work here, but I’d managed to pull it off. I quickly made the man’s order and rushed back to his table. A tall fire-red haired bimbo had joined him now and he was whispering stuff in her ear while gripping her waist in a manner I knew couldn’t be pleasant for her, though she was giggling slightly. He didn’t even notice me and I slunk away as fast as I could.

I made a few more rounds with no incidents, but it was near one in the morning when I got an order mixed up. And of all people, it was of the guy that always sat in the back of the bar. He was always making suggestive comments and stuff to me, trying to cop a feel; to which I nervously had managed to get out of every time thus far. This time I wasn’t so lucky.

I had managed to get only bout two feet away when he managed to get a hold on my waist and pull me back. “Not so fast.” He jerked his head towards the drink I’d placed on the counter, not having noticed my mistake. “That’s not what I ordered.”

“S-sorry.” I stuttered, trying not to cringe at his breath. “I’ll… get you another. And a free one for my mistake.” I hoped I wouldn’t get in trouble for not consulting Ben, the owner of the bar, before making the promise. If anything, I’d tell him to take it off my bill. I’d rather lose a little money and work extra hours then have this guy’s sticky breath on my face any longer.

He shook his head, smirking, “Nu-uh. I’d rather have something else.” He leaned his head closer. I could practically see his tongue sticking out, ready to attack my mouth. I couldn’t hold the shutter.

I struggled, “Two drinks.”

He paused and gave a hard look, “It’s no nigotiation.”

I continued to wrestle helplessly in his grip with no avail and he started leaning closer. Oh god. “Please-“

And he stopped. Because a deep dangerous voice came from behind me, “She said no.”

Upon seeing who had spoken, the man let go of me instantly. His eyes were wide for about a second before he grumbled, turning away, “Fine. Just get me my goddamn drink.”

I nodded clumsily and turned, stumbling. Someone caught my arm and I swear, I was ready to cry. Instead I looked up and met soft eyes, looking at me worriedly, “You okay?” It was the man that had stopped the other guy.

I gasped. “Thank you.”

He let go of my arm, “You look young.”

I swallowed, “I’m eighteen.”

He eyed me then nodded and turned away, “Be careful.” And then he was gone, lost in the crowd.

I got Amanda, another waitress, to send the drink to the guy in the back.